We do not currently support flex boards. However, we do support rigid flex, provided that there are no component placements on the flex portion of the boards.

Rigid flex is outside of our auto-quoting capabilities so you will need to specify this requirement in the "Custom requirements" section of the board tab.

Please note that rigid flex boards require baking before assembly. The flex portion of the assembly is made of polyimide which is highly hydroscopic and absorbs ambient moisture. Baking prevents the flex layers from delaminating in reflow. Due to this additional processing time, the estimated ship date specified on the website may not be accurate.

We also prefer to ship rigid flex boards in the panel they were fabbed in. There’s a high risk of damaging the flex portion when we depanel them. Shipping them panelized also means that they will be much safer in their transit to you.

If you are planning on ordering a rigid flex board, please get in touch with our team beforehand so we can verify that your design will work with our process.

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