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How Can I Supply My Registered Pricing
How Can I Supply My Registered Pricing
If you have "part registration" with a supplier, you can specify who that's with and what you pay so that we can order it for you.
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If you have part registration on any of your expensive parts, you can enter give us that information so that we quote the order properly. When we go to purchase the parts we will see this information and order from the correct supplier at the correct price.

  1. Start by clicking "Supply Pricing" on the BOM drop down. If the part currently does not have any stock, but you know the lead time on its availability you can toggle the availability from "units" to "days".

2. If the part is not available in the CircuitHub database you can add it by clicking "Add part to library"

3. Simply continue to fill out the form and finally click Save.
4. If you have more than one supplier with part registration, you can click Add Source to provide additional sources of that part to us.
5. Sometimes it's just easier to supply those special parts yourself. If so, you can just click the Consign Part button and you'll be given instructions after you place your order and how and where to send them to.

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