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Additional Shipping Charges
Additional shipping charges on orders
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Domestic Shipping

All shipping costs are estimates. We do our best to accurately calculate shipping costs based on the estimated, anticipated final size, weight of the box, and requested shipping service. Final shipping costs aren't known until the order is shipped and CircuitHub reserves the right to bill the customer for additional shipping if the actual shipping cost significantly exceeds the estimate.

The shipping cost included in the quote assumes that your order will be shipping in one box. In instances, where multiple shipments are necessary to fulfill an order additional shipping charges, may apply. 

International Shipping

Due to difficulties in accurately estimating international shipping charges, a flat $250 fee is charged at the time of checkout for non-USA shipping destinations. You may be billed for additional shipping if the actual cost of shipping exceeds the flat rate.

If you would prefer to have orders shipped via your own shipping account please see here for more information. 

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