In situations where companies have someone placing orders that is not the engineer or designer uploading the project, this is the best arrangement to set up:

1 - Have this colleague create a login account (takes 10 seconds) here:

2 - Create a new organization for this ordering arrangement (ie. for Company X, can create a new organization called "CompanyX-Orders"). You can do this from the login homepage, where you'll find a column on the right hand side called "Organizations." More information on how to do this here:

3 - Add everyone that needs to be involved, to this new organization. This can be done when clicking into the organization, on the "Members" tab. More information here:

4 - Have the user with access to the specific project transfer ownership from their personal account to the organization. This can be done on the "Settings" tab of a project under the "Transfer Ownership" section. More information here:

*Note that after a project is transferred from a personal account to the organization any DNP and consignment selections will be reset.

Once this is done, ordering will be as simple as sharing a url link to the project, and telling your colleague the needed QTY / Lead Time / Shipping.

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