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Why am I unable to order certain board quantities?
Why am I unable to order certain board quantities?
quote limitations on high quantity
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Due to how our quoting algorithm works, we are unable to offer quotes for every single quantity past a certain threshold. The decision to only quote in certain increments was made in order to reduce the solution size and thus give you quotes faster. At higher volumes quantities are generally rounded in any case due to how materials are packaged. For example: boards are typically produced in larger panels and parts are ordered in larger quantities.

The increments we quote in are as follows:

  • 1-99 boards: increments of 1

  • 100-999 boards: increments of 10

  • 1000+ boards: increments of 100

If you are entering a quantity manual using the input box, the quantity will automatically be rounded up to the next valid increment. Ie. 563 boards will round to 560 and 1001 will round to 1100 boards.

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