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Approved and preferred component distributors
Approved and preferred component distributors
What component distributors we purchase from and which we aren't able to
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Updated October 2021

The CircuitHub part search algorithm show component availability from our list of approved distributors. However for cases where you have "part registration" with a supplier for expensive parts or a part is out of stock you may manually enter sourcing information or lead times.

Providing sourcing information from suppliers that are not on our preferred suppliers list may result in inability for us to purchase the part or order delays.

If you have questions about our ability to purchase a component from a specific supplier, please get in touch with us before placing an order.

Approved/Preferred distributors

Our part search algorithm shows component availability from the below suppliers. We work with the below suppliers frequently and in general have no issues procuring parts from them.

Not preferred but potential options

Our part search algorithm does not include availability from the below vendors, however, may be a potential option for us to purchase from. Some of these vendors may have specific requirements, caveats, or reliability issues we have encountered in the past. Please check with us first before providing custom pricing from one of these suppliers.

Not available vendors

We do not purchase components from the below suppliers. If you would like to use a component supplied by one of these vendors you will need to consign it to us.

  • Verical


  • Win Source Electronics


  • NEP Electronics

  • Component Distributors Inc.

  • TME

  • Rutronik

  • Farnell

  • Ublox Direct

  • Orbel

  • RS Components

  • Element14

  • iodParts

  • Corestaff

  • Touchstone Systems

  • J2 Sourcing

  • Classic Components

  • Sourcability

  • Distrelec

  • Component Sense

  • Maritex

  • Jak Electronics

  • Extreme Components

  • Aionx

  • Abianca Electronics

  • Electro Sonic

  • Shortec

If you want us to procure components from a vendor not listed in this article please get in touch before supplying pricing or placing an order.

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