CircuitHub supports uploads of design files that have been exported to IPC-2581 Revision B.

You can upload your IPC-2581 XML files directly, but these tend to be quite large and may fail to upload, so we suggest that you compress them before uploading. We support both ZIP and gzip compressed files.

Files ending with the following extension are supported:

  • .zip - an IPC-2581 XML file compressed as a ZIP archive.

  • .xml - an uncompressed IPC-2581 XML file.

  • .xml.gz - a gzip compressed IPC-2581 XML file.

IPC-2581 files contain different kinds of information depending on its functional mode and level. CircuitHub requires files exported either as Full mode or Assembly mode level 3. Files must also conform to revision B of the standard, we do not support the older revision A standard nor the newer revision C of the standard yet. Please ensure that all the layers that define your board are included in the export.

The following EDA tools are known to fully support IPC-2581 Rev. B and are supported:

It is not clear whether the following EDA tools fully support IPC-2581 Rev. B, so they are not officially supported yet:

Altium IPC-2581 imports are not supported at this time, however, you can still upload your original Altium EDA files.

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