Acceptance of Terms

By placing an order through CircuitHub you are hereby accepting the outlined terms and conditions. CircuitHub reserves the right to make changes to these terms at any time.


  • Orders must be pre-paid via a credit card, ACH, or wire transfer unless otherwise negotiated. We accept all major credit cards.

  • We charge credit cards and initiate ACH payments at the time an order is placed.

  • Orders paid with wire transfers will be placed on hold until funds are received.

  • If you would like to set up ACH payments on your account, please contact us at

  • Canceled orders: You are responsible for the cost parts that have been purchased or any expenses that have been incurred prior to canceling or amending an order (see 'Changes to Orders').

Changes to Orders

  • Production on orders begins almost immediately after being placed. If you need to make any changes please let us know ASAP. Failure to do so may mean we are unable to process your request.

  • You are responsible for any costs incurred prior to amending an order including, but not limited to pcb, parts, stencil.

  • Boards are quoted according to the parameters selected on the "Board" tab and components selected on the "Parts" tab. If the quoted specifications and the actual design conflict, you will be responsible for the adjusted price difference.

Warranty & CircuitHub's Liability

  • We guarantee all workmanship and will repair/replace at no cost to you in the rare instance that things are not assembled correctly or the PCB does not meet design requirements for up to a year after shipping.

  • CircuitHub is not responsible for damage or lack of functionality caused by defective design, defective components or as a result of deficiencies in any electronic materials provided by you.

  • Any modifications done to the assembly after you’ve received it nullifies the warranty.

  • In no event shall CircuitHub's liability exceed the amount of the order placed.

Lead Times

Lead times exclude weekends and any major holidays.

Lead times do not include shipping. Shipping speed is selected during checkout.

Things that may disrupt lead times:

  • Changes made to the PCB or BOM after ordering.

  • Incorrectly specified parts.

  • Incorrectly specified board parameters.

  • Additional services, such as firmware programming, first articles, parts baking, or conformal coating.

  • Consigned parts that are received late. Please see here for detailed info on consigning parts.

  • Issues or assembly questions that are not resolved quickly.

  • User supplied component pricing information specifying unavailable or backordered components or components that can only be purchased through a non-authorized distributor.

  • Delayed payments.

  • Significant weather, emergency events, or any other cause beyond CircuitHub's unreasonable control.

Ship Dates

  • Ship dates are estimates. We do work our very hardest to hit all estimated ship dates, but since PCB manufacturing is such a multifaceted process occasionally we are not able to do so.

  • Due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended our lead time guarantee.

  • If we miss the estimated ship date we will always expedite the shipping speed at our expense.

Suggested Part Substitutes

It is important that you check all suggested substitutes. Our algorithms make a best effort guess to scrub and cross reference your BOM, placing an order is an approval of these suggestions. CircuitHub is not liable for incorrect part suggestions.


  • We use UPS as our standard carrier.

  • If you would like us to ship via your company's UPS, FedEx, or DHL account, please create an issue once your order is placed requesting this. Shipping on FedEx or DHL accounts will result in a one day delay in shipment due to scheduling a pickup for next day.

  • For international destinations, the customer is responsible for paying any applicable import duties and taxes.

  • CircuitHub is not liable for late deliveries due to shipping carrier delays.


Boards may not be returned for warranty claims without prior authorization and then only in accordance with CircuitHub's Return Material Authorization (RMA) process.

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