Since we assemble all of the PCBA's in house, we can offer strict quality and process control. Here’s a quick explanation of how we make sure to build a quality assembly for you each and every time.

1. Polarized components are verified and checked thoroughly during our SMT programming process.​ Because you upload your original design files, we can verify everything against your schematic and layout data. This includes, but is not limited to, LED’s, diodes, IC’s, polarized capacitors, oscillators, antennas, wireless modules, transformers, etc.

2. All resistors and capacitors that do not have a marking are electrically tested during placement by our pick & place machines. So when you specify a 10k resistor for example, we are testing that the resistor being picked by the machine is a 10k resistor before even placing it on the board.

3.The first piece to be assembled is thoroughly inspected for correct placement and rotation/polarity, creating a verified “First Article”. That verified "First Article" is then used to program our AOI machine which is an automated optical inspection system.

4. Every single assembly is then run through the AOI which takes a series of high res images and compares them to the verified AOI program.

5. Finally, human inspectors will visually inspect the quality of every solder joint on the board under a microscope.

6. If any assemblies have hidden leads (BGA’s for example) we will inspect these using an x-ray machine to verify that they have been populated properly.

If we come across a problem that we cannot easily address ourselves from the data you have provided, we have an Issues system where we can reach out to you and communicate through the problem until it is resolved. This Issue system can be used for any type of issue whether it’s related to ordering parts, parts not fitting correctly, shipping concerns, etc.

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