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A custom stackup is a stackup that differs from one of our standard stackups and is not specified simply by selecting the board thickness and copper weight. All custom stackups have to be specified using the 'Add custom stackup' button on the board view of the project page, even if the stackup is already defined in your design files or one of your layers.

Custom stackups override the default selection of board thickness, copper weight and material.

To add a custom stackup, please specify, in the required order, information such as the following for all layers:

  • Layer name (corresponding to the layer name in the board view)

  • Layer type

  • Material

  • Thickness

  • Dielectric material

  • Dielectric constant

Also include any other relevant information.

Please note that we may not use the exact requested materials but rather attempt to satisfy the properties of your stackup with the materials we have on hand. If you require a specific material to be used, make this clear in your requirements.

Note that impedance requirements is likely to modify the stackup.

Once you have specified a custom stackup, your project will be marked for manual quoting and you will be notified once your quote is ready.

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