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How should I specify impedance control requirements ?
How should I specify impedance control requirements ?
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In order to fulfil impedance requirements, we require that you specify the following information in the Impedance Control section of the Board tab on your project page.

For all traces that require impedance control:

  • Relevant layers (eg top/bottom)

  • Mode (eg single-ended, differential)

  • Transmission line type (eg microstrip, coplanar waveguide etc)

  • Trace width (for identification)

  • Space/distance between trace pairs for differential mode

  • Value (eg 50 ohm)

  • Tolerance (eg +/- 10%)

Note that the higest tolerance we currently support is +- 8%.

You may also indicate whether you require a coupon - extra charges apply.

For any further requirements, constraints or clarifications use the comments input box.

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