In order to receive a quote on CircuitHub, you will need to upload the original schematic and board files from your EDA tool. This allows us to provide instant quotes and automate the manufacturing process to lower lead times and cost. Currently our platform works with Altium, EAGLE, and KiCAD files.  We do not accept Gerber files.

By default all your information is private.

We take your data security very seriously. All design data is stored in a secure manner on Amazon Web Services. Access to design content is tightly controlled on the shop floor and on a need to know basis. 

For additional legal protection of your intellectual property please sign our NDA.

Here are the files that are required for each EDA tool:


  • One .SCH Schematic file

  • One .BRD Board file


  • All your .SchDoc Schematic files

  • One .PcbDoc Board file


  • All your .sch / .kicad_sch Schematic files

  • Possibly one -cache.lib Schematic Library files

  • One .brd or .kicad_pcb Board file

Cadence Allegro / OrCAD:

Other EDA tools:

  • We also support any EDA tool that can export its data to the IPC-2581 format.

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