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Understanding cost and lead time triggers for prototype runs
Understanding cost and lead time triggers for prototype runs
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At CircuitHub we strive to consistently increase our capacity and offerings in order to provide top-notch prototyping and production services.

Occasionally, a customer will want their project to run specifically on our prototype assembly lines, but one or more of their specifications will trigger the project to be quoted on our production lines. Below is a list of specifications that currently trigger projects to move from our prototype to our production assembly lines. If you can avoid these, you will see a difference in available lead times and cost for smaller-size orders.

  • Board width and height

    • Not larger than 400mm

  • 0201 BOM lines and part placements

    • Not more than 5 BOM lines of 0201 parts, or a maximum of 200 0201 placements

  • Through hole placements

    • Not more than 500 through hole placements per order

  • Through hole unique parts

    • Not more than 50 unique through hole part numbers per order

  • Firmware

    • No firmware

If you have any questions regarding how your project is being quoted don't hesitate to reach out.

In order to be eligible for our fastest lead times and most affordable pricing we recommend you also design your bare boards according to these specs if possible.

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