For orders over 200 units, CircuitHub can automatically program firmware onto parts. 

On the project page you'll  see a "Firmware" tab where you can upload your own firmware. 

Once you upload your file you can select which reference designator you need the firmware to be added to. You can, of course, also delete the file if you need to provide an updated one.  Once you upload your firmware the charge will be included in your quote. 

The devices will be pre-programmed prior to assembly; we are unable to provide programming in-house at this time.  For this reason we can't program firmware on quick turn orders. We also ask that you reach out to us prior to placing an order to ensure that we are able to provide support for your specific device. 

Once you place an order a member of our manufacturing team will be in touch via the the issue system to discuss the details of the firmware programming.

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