CircuitHub is a manufacturer that allows users to publish their designs. We have a large collection of open source designs that users have uploaded to CircuitHub so that others can have access to the design files as well as get them manufactured. If you have any questions about a design itself you will need to get in touch with the owner of the design. If you are ready to have some boards manufactured for yourself that is something we can certainly do for you.

If there are any sourcing issues on a project you can either 1) get in contact with the designer of the project or 2) resolve the issues yourself.

 If you'd like to resolve the issues yourself you will first need to fork the project to your username before adding any custom sourcing to the project.  

For information on how to resolve sourcing issues please see the following articles:

We are unable to assist with sourcing issues or suggest alternative parts on open source projects. Please contact the designer if you need help with this.

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