When you place an order on CircuitHub you will select a lead time and receive an "estimated ship date". We do work our very hardest to hit all estimated ship dates, but since PCB manufacturing is such a multifaceted process occasionally we are not able to do so. When placing an order please keep in mind that the actual ship date may vary by one or two days due to various circumstances.
Orders which are placed on shorter lead times will be bumped up in the manufacturing queue. If you are placing a time sensitive order then we highly recommend paying for a faster lead time. 

For all orders, if we miss the estimated ship date we will always expedite the shipping speed at our expense. 

Things that may affect the actual ship date which we incur no responsibility for include:

  • Changes made to the PCB or BOM after ordering.

  • Incorrectly specified parts.

  • Additional services, such as firmware programming or parts baking.

  • Consigned parts that are received late. Please see here for detailed info on consigning parts.

  • Issues or assembly questions that are not resolved quickly.

  • Delayed payments.

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