After you upload your first project you'll notice there are a series of tabs near the top of the page.

An important tab to review before placing an order is the "Board" tab as it contains critical information that determines how your board will be quoted and manufactured. 

After import most parameters are set to our default ones. The parameters selected in the board tab will override those specified in the design files. Please carefully review each section before placing an order in order to avoid costly mistakes and delays during manufacturing. Failing to specify board requirements before placing an order may result in additional charges or incorrect boards.

IMPORTANT: You must save each section in order for the parameter you've selected to be saved and used in manufacturing.

Here is a guide to each of the sections:


  • By default the soldermask color will automatically be set to black and the silkscreen color will be set to white.


  • Cutouts: Please use the toggle down to select if the board contains cutouts. 

  • Via fill: Vias .3mm or smaller can be filled with soldermask, vias larger than .3mm must be filled with epoxy/resin. 

  • Castellated edges: Please use the toggle down to select if the board requires castellated edges. 

  • Panelization method: If you have a preferred panelization method please select it here. 

Impedance Control

Adding impedance control will not trigger a manual quote. See here for information on how to specify impedance control for your board. 


The stackup parameters are always automatically set to the following default settings on import: 

  • Board thickness: 1.6mm

  • Copper weight: 1oz outer/ 1 oz inner

  • Material: FR4 TG 130-135

Changing the above specifications will not trigger a manual quote.
Adding a custom stackup will trigger a manual quote. 


  • Width, length, layer count, min trace width, min trace gap, and min drill size are automatically detected by our system when your project is imported. If these specifications are outside our range for automatic quoting a manual quote will be triggered. 

  • Surface finish: By default we only support ENIG finish

  • Number of unique designs: We generally recommend against having multiple designs in one project. If this cannot be avoided please specify the number of unique designs here. 

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