We know that there are some parts that our customers wish to provide themselves for a number of various reasons such as parts that are hard to source or proprietary, rather than have us purchase them. You can do this by clicking the "Consign" button in your Parts list on your Project page. 

CircuitHub is a turnkey assembly service. What that means is we will purchase all of the materials for your order including bare boards and components. We have very specific requirements for how material needs to be presented to our factory and our suppliers work with us to make sure this happens. Receiving consigned material that does not follow these processes results in additional kitting time and added costs. Because of this, we cannot accept fully consigned kits from our customers. We kindly ask that you only consign parts that are not readily available in the market.

We are happy to do all material purchasing for our customers as it saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. It also saves us a lot of time because then the material arrives exactly as we expect it to and flows well with our system.

Please see these articles for additional information on parts consignment:

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