We can support requirements for multiple board assemblies. Towards ensuring a smooth process and a good build, please see the below items.

Pre-Order Information:

  • If different assemblies that are to be joined together have different shipping dates, the last date promised determines the shipping date for the combined assembly.

  • One of the projects should have a connector specified in the BOM, the other project should have the sub-assembly, or daughterboard, specified. You can add the sub-assembly, or daughterboard, to your BOM by adding a part manually, instructions here.
    When you create your manual part, use the same name for all fields, and use the formula "Daughter or Motherboard"-"your project name"-"CircuitHub" (ie. DaughterBoard-ProjectA-CircuitHub). See the picture below for example. This will indicate to our team that we need to use your Daughter Board as the part itself.

  • Before ordering, verify the assembly with customer support by providing a picture and/or diagram and/or instructions of the joined assembly. The more details, the better.

Order Shipping Information:

  • Are mechanical supports in the design needed in addition to the soldered connection? Will the assemblies be sturdy enough to ship?

  • If assemblies are fragile, do you have required packaging/shipping requests?

  • Due to the additional weight of the assembly, additional shipping costs may be incurred and billed later.

For further questions, please reach out via the web chat, or email at sales@circuithub.com.

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