We understand that due to the current global components shortage, it may seem easier to mark a reference that you aren’t sure will be possible to obtain as Do Not Place (DNP) as a placeholder and decide after the order is placed whether to consign it, have us purchase it, or have us leave it off the final assembled units. However, due to the way we handle DNP references, we ask that you only use the DNP toggle for reference designators that you are 100% sure you do not want us to place on the final units.

When a reference designator is marked as DNP on CircuitHub the required assembly data is not included for that specific reference when an order is placed. We are currently unable to modify a BOM after an order is placed. Because of this, requesting that a reference that was marked as DNP be purchased (or consigned) and placed after you have already ordered will require a us to place new order with the correct data and will lead to delays.

If at the time of placing an order there are any components you are unsure whether you will have us fit, please keep the reference marked as placed and instead set it to consigned. This way, you will not be charged for the component, but if for any reason you change your mind, we can purchase and bill you for the component and mount it following the original data. If you decide that you don’t want a reference placed, create an issue on the order page letting us know and we can easily leave it off of the final units.

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